A Variety of Services to fit Most Needs

 "To straighten what is crooked you must first straighten yourself. Once you are aligned, the whole world looks differently."

 - Unknown-

Traditional Services

Traditional, affirming, and inclusive therapy focused on developing insights, processing, and where you can be heard and express yourself, learn about (and work through) issues, develop new skills, and create healthier habits in order to reclaim your life.

Wellness Services

These educational and experiential services are designed for everyone. With an integrative and holistic focus on strengthening wellness, improving life balance, creating purpose, and sustaining direction, a variety of topics are included such as: developing our authentic selves, leadership, effective communication, conscious decision making, raising connected children, meditation retreats, navigating loss, unchaining anxiety, centering, self-identity, self-esteem, stress reduction and more.

Evaluation Services

These one time evaluations seek to provide substance abuse and occasional mental health diagnosis, treatment recommendations, or prognosis for agencies such as employers, CPS, and courts, or for clients seeking out their driver's license reinstatement or appeal through Secretary of State or court.

Professional Services

These services provide empowerment, support, training and therapy for professionals seeking to enhance their career, address insecurities and anxieties, develop work-life balance and more. These services can be tailored to you or your agency's needs.

In person and telehealth care available

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Specialty and Primary Treatment Areas

Abuse/Domestic Violence

Anxiety Issues

Career/School Issues


Life Stressors/Brunout


Personal Growth/Self-Worth


Relationship Issues

Substance/Behavioral Addiction


Women's Issues

Other Issues of Focus


Alzheimer's/Memory Issues

Behavioral Issues

Bipolar Disorder

Body Image

Borderline Personality Disorder Chronic Illness and Pain


Family Conflict/Stressors

Friend/Peer Issues


Health/Medical Issues


Intimate Relationships

Mood Instability

School Concerns


Sexual Abuse/Assault

Spiritual Exploration

Spiritual Trauma

...and more...

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